AVRCE Virtual Advanced Placement (AP) Program



Welcome to the website of the Annapolis Valley Regional Centre for Education Virtual Advanced Placement (AP) Program. This site is designed to provide information on the AVRCE Virtual AP program for students, parents, and staff.

What are the advantages of taking AP Courses?

  • Enhance student chances of winning university scholarships.
  • More universities are giving preference to students who have AP courses on their high school transcript.
  • Receive university credit for courses that you take in high school. Over 3000 universities and colleges offer credit or advanced standing for students who receive appropriate marks on their AP exams.
  • Students study subjects in greater depth. AP courses use university texts and follow an advanced curriculum which prepares students better for university courses.
  • Students demonstrate scholarship on a national and international level.
  • Students become eligible for Advanced Placement Scholar awards.
  • AP students are seen as academic leaders in their school

"AP is a huge help. and a big load off my shoulders....everything we've covered
so far at university was covered much more thoroughly in the AP course.
My AP experience was definitely helpful to me"

                                                                        ~ former AVRCE AP student 

By taking an AP course, you aren't just distinguishing yourself in high school and in the university admission process: you are also building the skills you'll need throughout your university years. Since AP courses give you the opportunity to get your hands on real university-level work while still in high school, you'll get a great idea of what to expect when you move onto the next phase of your educational journey.

The increased rigors of AP courses will not only give your mind a workout, they will help you polish up your time management and study skills, which, given the pressures of undergraduate life, will become an invaluable ally. In addition, getting a feel for how to tackle challenging issues and problems, with the support of your AP teachers, can help you grow your natural study habits and skills. In the end, you will get the most out of your AP courses now and your university courses in the future.

With AP classes, you'll experience the thrill of overcoming difficult problems as well as the pride of seeing challenges through to the end. University can be challenging, and learning how to work intensely and overcome academic obstacles while in high school can enable you to experience the joy of making it over the hurdles that may confront you during university classes. Once you know this, you'll be rewarded with the confidence and understanding that with knowledge, hard work, and determination, you can overcome just about anything that stands in your way.

"I just wanted to send out my gratitude for teaching me calculus last year,
it really helped me with university calculus! I just got my  
marks for calc back today and got an A first semester and an A+  
second! I probably couldn't have done it without..."

                                                                        ~ former AVRCE AP student